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Published August 27, 2010, 10:03 PM

Crookston Council Says "No" To Proposed Ideas To Save The Wayne Hotel

The Prairie Skyline Foundation asked this month that the city do what it can to save the historic Wayne.

The Prairie Skyline Foundation asked this month that the city do what it can to save the historic Wayne. The council, though, says it has done everything it can and it's time to tear it down.

There have been many debates about the Wayne hotel over the years, but there are a few who are still fighting to preserve the condemned building.

The Crookston City Council received a letter from the Prairie Skyline Foundation this week detailing Three ways the council could help fund the restoration of the Wayne Motel. But the city says that the ideas are not feasible.

Aaron Parrish the Crookston City Administrator says "We have had the opportunity to follow up on the request with the absence of any specific directions from the council we wont be pursuing that option there were some things with in the request in the letter that was presented that we feel were not fully accounted for."

Kay Hegge with the Prairie Skyline Foundation says that people are afraid to take a chance when it comes to preserving history.

"There are a lot of unknowns with historic preservation and that's why I think people are negative about because they are afraid of what might show up what might happen" said Kay Hegge with the Prairie Skyline Foundation.

They city says that they have already spent enough money looking for new ideas for the building but the amount of wear and tear on the building is adding up.

"We have spent significant amount of time as a city looking for viable options for the reuse of that building we have actually spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide some economically viable reuse and unfortunately they just haven't materializes"Parrish says.

Hegge says right now people just need a change of heart.

"Its important to think of construction and not destruction I think that's very important and if it takes a change in attitude and then that's what we need to strive for" Hegge said.

Despite the setback, the Prairie Skyline Foundation is not giving up the fight to save this historical landmark.

Hegge says "We are working on a response to the city and were later we will talk to the county board members."

The city says the its to late for the building and that its become a safety and health hazard for the public.