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Published August 30, 2010, 05:50 PM

White Wheat Becoming More Popular

Some farmers have been harvesting a type of wheat that is used to make doughnuts healthier.

Some might say a healthy doughnut is a sort of paradox.

But some North Dakota Farmers are growing a wheat to make them more healthy.

White wheat isn't new to North Dakota, but the number of farmers now interested in the crop is growing.

And although it isn't your average wheat, it's not much different than other types.

Terry Borstad, a white wheat farmer, says "it's a challenge to raise and we're dependent on the weather, but the varieties that we're growing now are very good varieties they yield well and excellent quality."

Borstad has been growing the white wheat for about 10 years.

He contracts it through the North Dakota State Mill and Elevator and although there are only about 7500 acres of white wheat in North Dakota, he says its a significant amount.

Borstad says, "The market is growing all the time. The manager at the State Mill and Elevator, Vance Taylor, tells us the acceptance of white wheat to the consumer is growing all the time."

The State Mill and Elevator makes it into flour, which is shipped to bakeries on the east coast, where they make white wheat bread.

"The white bread is really acceptable with kids because it has a real good taste," says Borstad

It's also used at Top Taste Bakery in Finley, North Dakota to make donuts.

So Borstad says its a win-win for everyone.

"Whenver you can diversify your farm, you're better off," said Borstad

Borstad says the white wheat is a healthier alternative because the whole kernel is used.