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Published August 30, 2010, 06:32 PM

More Than 100 Cited After Grand Forks Party

More than 100 citations were issued and ten people were taken to jail after a party this weekend in Grand Forks.

Proof of a party still lines the streets near 324 North 23rd Street in Grand Forks.

Lieutenant Jim Remer with the Grand Forks Police Department says, "We ended up with about 104 citations issued."

Remer says police were called to the house Saturday night after a noise complaint about a party.

"There were a lot of people who were out on the lawn, so there was a lot of activity that was outside that was bothering people,” says Remer.

When officers arrived, Remer says the partygoers that were inside would not talk to them or open the door.

"It was a while before officers were able to get someone to cooperate with them to help alleviate the situation."

Some people inside the house even called police, telling them they were being forced to stay inside.

Remer says, "Everything was fine with that. Nobody was beat up or anything for talking to the cops, but some of that was going on."

As soon as everyone did cooperate, officers had their hands full. Extra officers, including some from the University of North Dakota Police Department, helped out.

Remer says, "Write the tickets as quick as you can and make sure you get correct information, have identification from people, and go from there."

The 104 citations ranged from failure to disperse from a noisy party to minor in consumption.

Police say the people at the party were college-aged but did not know if or what university they went to.