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Published September 02, 2010, 06:40 PM

Collin Peterson Looks To Farm Bill To Help With Flooding

U.S Representative Collin Peterson says he is only in favor of the Fargo Moorhead diversion if it doesnt raise water levels downstream. Today he talked about a separate plan he says could be funded through the farm bill.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

U.S. Representative Collin Peterson was on the road talking about farm and flood issues today...Including the Fargo Moorhead Diversion problem.

Collin Peterson/ U.S Representative. MN (D) :"It can not be built if its going to create problems down stream. They have to have a plan to deal with the problems down stream."

It just so happens that Peterson has a plan of his own. Peterson is the Chairmen of the Farm Bill Committee. He is working to secure 500 million dollars for different projects that would protect smaller communities.

Peterson: "They don't get the headlines. Those people sometimes flood every year. I'm looking at using the farm bill and farm programs to try and deal with some of these more localized problem."

Peterson didn't name any specific projects, but said they are hundreds of small projects that could be done up and down the valley.

Peterson: "Implement this goal that the basin commission is in, which is to take a million acre feet of water out of the system and be able to hold that back when we need to."

Peterson says there are still a lot of hoops to go through before the Fargo Moorhead diversion can be built. And working on a separate plan to help smaller communities along the river is the right thing to do.

Peterson: " A lot of these conservation programs that we already have in place in the farm bill can help accomplish it. That what we are looking at."

Peterson says the potential 500 million dollars from the farm bill would come over a period of 10 years.