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Published September 03, 2010, 08:29 PM

Devils Lake Business Closing after 72 years.

A long-time business in Devils Lake is calling it quits. Kellys opened in 1938 and this family-owned business has a lot of memories.

It's like it was yesterday.

Colleen Kelly "I can remember all of that day."

Colleen's father, Harold Kelly, opened his store on St. Patricks day.

She even did a little advertising for the store.

Colleen Kelly "and I remember he made me a big banner for me. It said Colleen Mae Kelly, and it had a lot of shamrocks on it. It said store is opening today."

For Colleen, today was March 17, 1938, and she was ten.

Her sister Caryl, wasn't born yet, but she still has memories of the store.

She worked in the basement where the school supplies were until 9th grade.

"I couldn't wait to come upstairs and work and my dad did not pay me any more until I got to be in the 9th grade," said Pierson.

He paid her a quarter.

But that quarter became a lifetime of memories.

Pierson said "we came from Bemidji, so that we could be here when this was closing because it's a big family event for us."

When Harold and his wife retired, Dan and his wife, Noanie, took over.

Dan says "we had no idea I suppose at the time it was going to be here, but it got to be kind of a shrine and as the family went on we got kind of a sentimental committment to keep it going."

And after 72 years, Kellys will close it doors.

His wife Noanie said "it's bitter sweet, it is. When you do something an you really enjoy what you're doing and there comes a time when you have to make a change, and I guess you just do it."

It's the end of the Kellys store era, in Devils Lake.

"that's the way we kind of look at it too, and it's been a wonderful journey," said Dan.

So as the sign says, all sales are final.

Kellys is having a sale this weekend, but they aren't exactly sure when the doors will close for good.