WDAZ: Your Home Team

Published September 06, 2010, 06:57 PM

Long Shopping Weekend

The Labor Day weekend is traditionally for people to enjoy the last weekend of the summer.

The Labor Day weekend is traditionally for people to enjoy the last weekend of the summer. Some go to the lake, some travel and some people hit the stores, and This long weekend in Grand Forks is proving to be pretty good for the local economy.

Its been busy here in Grand Forks, as shoppers take advantage of this long weekend. One of the major reasons people say they're spending cash is to help boost our local economy.

John Knutson,Conlin's Furniture manager says "First of all our area is not affected by the economy as bad as much of the other areas of the country and we done really well through the recession."

Some other reasons..students are just settling in to the school year and they are looking to put those finishing touches in their new homes.

Lucy Plumley who is the Executive Team Leader at Target says "They are looking for back to school supplies which we have sold out of most of them. Its incredible we are replenishing them and selling them as fast as we can get them."

"A lot of the college kids have been in and they are picking up things for their apartment or for their dorm room" Knutson said.

Knutson says it's a big weekend for tourism.. Canadians come down to Grand Forks to shop for furniture and other things because the dollar is so evenly matched.

Knutson says "Right now the Canadians are coming down here purchasing merchandise bring it back to Canada paying the duty they have on it and still saving a substantial amount of money."

For Target, the Labor Day shopping spree doesn't end when the last customers leaves.

Lucy Plumley/Target Ex. Team Leader:"Were kinda like whoo, and we figure out how were going to clean up everything, put everything back, straighten everything up and get restocked" Plumley said.