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Published September 06, 2010, 08:37 PM

A Burst Pipe Causes Water Damage At Crookston High School

A burst pipe at Crookston High School had custodians and people who work at the school cleaning up a mess of water and mud.

Clean-up is the number one priority after a pipe burst overnight at Crookston High School. Nobody found it until this morning. With students set to begin classes later this week, school officials are hoping to get the mess taken care of.

For one school official, going to school on a day off to catch up on some paperwork turned into one long day of cleaning.

It wasn't hard for Wayne Gilman to notice the Crookston High School Parking lot looked more like a lake when he went to work this morning.

"Here it is Labor Day morning. I thought it'd be quiet and i'd sit down and do some paperwork and I discovered water in the parking lot. I followed that in." Crookston Superintendent Wayne Gilman said.

Gilman was the first one to discover the mess at seven a.m.. A few phone calls later, cleanup began.

"I saw about two inches of mud here in the hallway and then water all the way out to the door and running out into the street." School Bus Driver Kevin Boyle said.

It is unknown what time the pipe burst happened. The only things it left behind were damages..desks, floors and school supplies. Custodians and faculty spent their Labor Day giving the place a good cleaning.

"We had to move all the furniture out of the offices and steam cleaners came in and sucked a lot of the water out of the carpets. So now it's starting to look pretty good, but it's going to take a while." Boyle said.

And the time will determine if the parent teacher conferences scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday have to moved to a different building.

"I'm guessing 10/12 hours or more will be spent just cleaning up and then another 10/12 hours just for dehumidifying. So we'll get that done and then we'll have to put things back and maybe replace some furniture." Gilman said.

The school is working with their insurance company and Gilman says most of the damage should be covered, and at this point he thinks classes will start on Thursday as planned.

"From what I can tell we probably, I don't see why we wouldn't be able to have regular school, some of the rooms are going to need repairs. But we can, depending on how bad they are, we'll do something temporarily wand fix them when the students aren't there."

Gilman says they are getting an extra crew in to help with cleanup over the next couple days and he will keep families informed on any changes that may affect them.