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Published September 07, 2010, 07:12 PM

Devils Lake Mayor Comments on Washington D.C Trip

Officials from Lake Region as well as North Dakota Officials have been to Washington D.C. and back listening to what the Devils Lake Task Force has to offer.

Devils Lake Mayor, Dick Johnson, says the meeting with the Devils Lake Task Force was a good one, however, not everything he had to say was positive.

Johnson says "there were certainly a lot of things that weren't included in their considerations of the final report."

He says the group was looking for some direction and guidance as to what the local people want.

"Hopefully if more questions come up that they're going to involve us in some more because this is a very important document that's going to come forward," says Johnson.

Its unclear as of right now if expectations will be met.

"I had some expectations and still do. I think our hopes are that of course an outlet out the east side, east side of Devils Lake and that the standards at Bald Hill Dam will be relaxed so that we can move more water," explained Johnson.

Support from downstream was also seen at the meeting as Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker and West Fargo Mayor Rich Mattern attended the Friday meeting.

Now the Lake Region is waiting on some solutions.

"Because if those two things happen thats going to be a big benefit to the Lake Region and Devils Lake," said Johnson.

Johnson says had North Dakota officials not made the trip to Washington D.C., he feels quite a few things would have been left out of the report.

The official task force report is due out September 20.