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Published September 08, 2010, 09:32 PM

New Small Dog Park In Grand Forks?

Dog owners in Grand Forks could soon have a new dog park to enjoy. The park would cater to smaller dogs.

Meet Mack...a 13-pound poodle who's dog-gone excited about the Grand Forks Dog Park.

Susan Poster says, "My little guy loves it. He plays with all the big guys. I guess he has little-big dog complex.”

However, Mack's owner, Susan Poster, knows not every small dog is like hers.

"Some people with small dogs have said they want a small park."

The city has gotten quite a few requests to build a park just for small dogs, and city officials are looking into it. The current park would then be used for large dogs.

Melanie Parvey with Grand Forks Public Works says, “There has been interest in a small dog park. Basically because the small dogs can mix with the larger dogs, but a lot of people don't feel as comfortable.”

The new dog park would be located right across the street from the current dog park.

Parvey says, “We had talked about if we just were to do the barebones fence for now, which would have the gates, the maintenance gate, and then the double pedestrian gate, that would be about $12,000, and then we could add the water fountain, the benches, and some of those amenities later as funding became available.”

As for Mack, he might not be drooling over the idea of a new small dog park, but his owner says he'll get used to it.

Poster says, "He'll play with small dogs if they come in. He likes that."

The dog park would have to be approved by the city council before it would be built. That could happen in the next few months.