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Published September 10, 2010, 05:06 PM

Devils Lake Firefighters Remember September 11

People across the country are doing things to commemorate September 11. And one group from Devils Lake is riding to do their part.

More than 300 firefighters were killed in the aftermath of September 11.

Some Devils Lake Firefighters are doing what they can to honor them.

Most everything has a stereotype.

Motorcycle groups are one of the many.

Roger Hollevoet, President of Fire and Iron Station 216, says, "I guess you just have to look deeper into them and see what each club is all about. Our club is to showcase firefighters as well as getting firefighters together, off duty to enjoy some quality time with each other."

This weekend, they're remembering other firefighters.

"It's very important for sure to show up for these events and support those things and make sure people remember the sacrifices that firefighters and other emergency management people actually do on a regular basis," explains Hollevoet.

Fire and Iron Station 216 as the group is called, left Devils Lake today for the Peace Gardens.

They'll meet up with two other groups from Bismarck and Williston.

Hollevoet says, "it's a time for motorcyclists that are firemen to get together and enjoy some fun and also relieve some of the stresses of firefighting."

Commemorating September 11th is something that's important to this group.

"343 firefighters died during that event so it's a large brotherhood of firefighters and we want to honor those and remember those guys and their families,"says Hollevoet.

But it means something to the 216 as well.

"It means a lot to us because firemen inherently are quite patriotic and loyal to the American Country and of course when we lose firefighters thats part of our family that we lose when those things happen," stated Hollevoet.

North Dakota has about 40 Fire and Iron members across the state.