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Published September 10, 2010, 09:10 PM

GF Central High Out 160 Parking Spots

Central High School in Grand Forks will lose parking spots due to the Civic Center redevelopment

Central High School will be losing the Civic Auditorium's parking lot in a few months when that land is redeveloped.

Students and school officials say they need a solution.

"It's hard like finding a parking spot anywhere close, so I mean this is our closest spot to park and it's going to be gone," Morgan Reck, a student at Grand Forks Central said Friday.

The Civic Auditorium parking lot was owned by the city, but that land has been sold to a developer. Now the city is trying to work with the school district to come up with a parking solution.

"We're going to be meeting with school officials and talking about property that's available nearby and what may be done and whether in fact there are some opportunities there for assembling those properties and putting in parking for students," Greg Hoover of Grand Forks Urban Development said.

School officials say losing the lot will not only cost spaces but money as well.

Bill Hutchison, school business manager, said that it has been nice to have the parking lot so close to school. "It's really helped us, it's close to the school. Makes it easy for kids and staff but if you take that away we're down to about 230 spots."

The school does use the Central parking ramp right now and can possibly lease another 160 spaces as a temporary fix. Students worry about finding parking some place else and officials want to help.

"There's just no parking anywhere really, I mean there's tons of offices down here and stuff so there's not much room," Reck said.

City officials say they will work with the school to come up with a long-term parking solution for Central High.