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Published September 12, 2010, 08:17 PM

Supporting People Who Have Lost A Loved One

Suicide can be a hard topic to talk about with someone, but during a walk next week, people who have lost someone will have support.

Suicide can be a hard topic to talk about with someone, but during a walk next week, people who have lost a loved one will have support.

Today there was a meeting getting volunteers together for a walk to prevent suicide, and they say it's important to raise awareness.

There is one thing all the volunteers in town square today had in common, the loss of a loved one.

"I lost 2 friends to suicide, and I want to do this for them." volunteer Auddie Harper said.

"I've lost numerous people to suicide including Russell and Kyle in the last two years." volunteer Tanya Blow said.

"We lost our son last year to suicide; he was 18 years old and, so that's how I became involved." American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Co-Leader Brenda Brummond said.

Involved to help others who have also felt the pain of losing someone close to them. The second annual Walk To Prevent Suicide is next week in Grand Forks and brings in people from all over the area.

"We need to make this aware that, you know, it happens all over, and we just want to break the silence and stop it from happening." Brummond said.

Volunteers say it's hard sometimes for people to talk about suicide, and this walk gives them a chance for support.

"It's a time to remember the good times and get everybody that kind of has separated and gone their separate ways back together to regroup." Blow said.

Last year the event brought in more than 300 people, and this year organizers are expecting around 400. Volunteers say there are many reasons to help or give a shoulder to cry on.

"The reason why I want to help, I want to help other people, like I want to get their lives and help them and talk to them about it." Harper said.

"It's very important to me because I like to get the word out there and have awareness for people so it doesn't happen again." Blow said.

Organizers say the walk means a lot to them, and although nothing can bring back what some have lost, knowing they have support and are not alone really helps.

"You know there's always questions that arise that never get answered and people know there's never going to be an answer. You just have to rely that the lost loved one is at peace and he's always with us or their always with us." Brummond said.

The Out Of The Darkness Community Walk is next Sunday, September 19th with registration at 1 p.m. In the Grand Forks town square.