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Published October 18, 2009, 08:38 PM

100 And Still Driving

A 100 year old Adams, North Dakota woman is proving that no matter how old you get, age is just a number.

By: Christine Boggy, WDAZ

A 100 year old Adams, North Dakota woman is proving that no matter how old you get, age is just a number.

Boggy: She's not from Pasadena but rather Adams, North Dakota and she's no stranger to a minor speeding ticket, but yet this 100 year old women isn't slowing down.

Thelma Rosvold:He claimed I was going over 70mph and I know I wasn't.

Boggy: From a horse and buggy to a Ford Model T and finally a 1985 Buick Lesabre, Thelma Rosvold has seen it all, but the Lesabre is definitely on the top of her list.

Thelma Rosvold: I like the Buicks, they're awfully easy to handle.

Boggy: Despite being a century old, Thelma still has her driver's license and isn't afraid to get behind the wheel.

Thelma Rosvold:I don't know I guess I don't think much about it I just do it.

Boggy: Driving gives Thelma her independence allowing her to run errands such as picking up her mail and going to church on Sunday.

Thelma Rosvold:In the winter time, I drive down to the post office for my mail, so I do have to have a license just for that.

Boggy: But driving doesn't occupy all her time. If she's not crocheting, baking or playing the organ, her neighbors say she's out doing something else.

Merle Larson: There was somebody standing on a step ladder changing the light bulbs all bundled up, and she said oh that was me, she was 99 years old changing a light bulb.

Boggy: People may have their doubts about allowing a driver that age on the road, but she and her neighbors say she knows her limits.

Merle Larson: She's very capable I think she knows her limitations, she goes to Park River in the summer and in the winter time she just rides the senior citizens bus.

Boggy: Passing her most recent drivers license eye exam this past summer, Thelma doesn't have to worry about a renewal until 2013.

Thelma says she will continue to drive until she feels it's not safe.

She already only drives short distances, avoids driving at night, and always tries to stay away from traffic.