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Published September 14, 2010, 06:44 PM

Canadian Officials in Devils Lake to Talk Flooding

The Lake Region has heard a lot from those in Barnes County, but today there were visitors from Canada in Devils Lake.

As the waters of Devils Lake continue to rise, more people fear an uncontrolled release.

Today Officials from Canada expressed their downstream worries.

Michelle Jones, Consul and Principal Officer, said, "we share a border, we share neighbors and family and friends and so its really important that we work together on issues like Devils Lake and Red River Flooding."

Devils Lake drains into the Sheyenne River which is connected to the Red River, which flows north into Lake Winnipeg.

And although water quality has been an issue, there is one bigger.

"I think our greatest fear in Devils Lake is of a catastrophic over-flow. I think everyone's concerned about that. I think what one of your own politicians called it is a disaster in slow motion," said Jones.

A disaster that can be prevented.

Ramsey County Commissioner Joe Belford said, "we can come to a compromise and we have to come to a compromise. We have to move some water out of the lake, we can't continue the way its been developing."

Some members of the International Red River Board will be taking a bus tour of the Lake Region tomorrow.

Belford says its "to see what kind of a dire need we are in for some relief and that fact is that we can come up with a solution to give us some relief."

Which all feel is possible.

"There's an awful lot of brain power in this room and people are working very hard on this issue and have been for a long time but I sense kind of a new energy right now that people are determined to see this through," explained Jones.

Canadian Representatives were in town as part of the International Red River Board Bi-annual meeting.