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Published September 15, 2010, 05:37 PM

Water Tours Held in Lake Region

Water tours are held quite often in the Lake Region. And although some have been on the tour before, they continue to get on the bus to see what is happening around them.

Members of the Devils Lake Rotary boarded a bus this morning.

They were joined by people from Jamestown and Bismarck who have not seen all of the water surrounding Devils Lake.

Renard Bergstrom is part of the Devils Lake Rotary.

He says, "You can read about it but when you see it it makes much more of a powerful statement."

And today they weren't just looking at the water.

Bergstrom said, "most of us have seen some of the flooded farmland and the buildings and that type of thing but the actual structure of how the water is coming in and needs to go out is important."

The bus made stops at the west-end outlet, the Tolna coulee, and Minnewauken, as well as other spots.

And even those who have been on the tour before are coming back, just to understand.

Curt Hofstad has been on several tours.

He says, "this last three feet has impacted our region significantly and we're getting closer and closer and closer to that spill elevation."

Some are on the bus to try and contribute to a solution.

"I think its important that we become proactive and that we begin a plan that we prevent this lake from spilling," explains Hofstad.

Hofstad says most decisions are made on the state and federal level so even though Jamestown and Bismarck are not downstream, it's still important they're here.

Hofstad said "because once it gets brim full there is no storage capacity and every rainfall event that we have, every spring run-off that we have, now becomes an issue that we have to deal with all across the state."

The other tour that was out today were members of the International Red River Board.