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Published September 16, 2010, 03:21 PM

Elementary Volunteer Receives a Special Thank You

A Grafton school "grandmother" is celebrating her 90th birthday today.

A Grafton Grandmother is celebrated her 90th birthday Thursday. The entire Century Elementary school in Grafton gathered to wish her a happy birthday.

Kay Kroulik or "Grandma Kay" is turning 90 today and being honored for her 17 years as a foster grandparent at Century Elementary in Grafton. Kay says she knew something was going to happen just not what.

"I didn't know what they are doing because I knew there were a lot of secrets going on in the rooms," Kay Kroulik said.

Grandma Kay was celebrated for her many years of service volunteering, she was given gifts, thanks, and a 90-candle cake. Students say she has always been there, when they need her most.

"She will help me with my homework sometimes, when we had time to do homework and she would just help us with things we really needed help with," Liam Perez said, who is one of her students.

"If we had a question or like when we wrapped our presents, if we need help wrapping them she would come around and help us wrap them," said Anna Thompson.

Helping students has always been what she loves to do.

"Kids even know being here in the elementary school and helping out here I see them succeed with her help and she is a very integral part of the school system," said Chris Larson.

"No child is left behind with Grandma Kay. I think that's just a tribute to her personality," said Joen Duerre, a teacher at Century Elementary.

Grandma Kay's goal now is to urge other grandparents to start volunteering and helping children.

"This is not a job, its just fun to get up in the morning and know that you have something special to do," Kroulik said.

Grandma Kay also volunteers with the migrant school during the summer months.