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Published September 16, 2010, 05:11 PM

Lake Region Museums Asking for Votes

A vote of 60 percent or more will bring $14,000 more into the Old Post Office Museum in Devils Lake. To some it may not seem like much, but to those making it their life, it's a lot.

County Measure 1 needed 60 percent of the votes in June, it received only about 56 percent.

It's back on the ballot in November.

The Old Post Office Museum and the Sheriff's house are in a financial rut.

Dave Davidson works at the museum.

He said "we are threatened with possibly having to close the doors on it."

The mill-levee would increase from .25 to .50.

Giving the museums about $14,0000 more a year.

Board member Eva Olson says they need the money "to pay the bills, to keep the doors open, its a fabulous place, we hate to lose it. You don't want to lose your history."

A large source of revenue is no longer bringing in the money.

Museum Director Eunice Davidson said, "we don't have our gaming anymore. That used to bring in revenue for the museum and that would bring in a couple thousand dollars a month."

The four employees of the museum are currently on unemployment, which doesn't last forever, but they're sticking around.

"And the reason is because there is so much history and I do love this building so much," explains Dave Davidson.

Many of the items in the museum belong to the Pioneer Daughters..but if the mill-levee doesn't pass..no one is sure what will happen.

Gary Walkley also works at the museum.

He said, "what happens to the building itself? I mean this is 100 years old and it is in just as good of shape today. I think as it was 50-60 years ago."

Olson says they hope to keep the doors open with fund raising and events such as Monday's at the Museum.