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Published September 17, 2010, 03:47 PM

Lots of truck traffic in the Lake Region

Hundreds of trucks have spent the summer in the Lake Region hauling rocks and dirt on county, state, and even in town roads. And they will be there a while.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol has been getting a few calls.

If you drive around in the Lake Region the chances you won't see a truck are slim-to-none.

They're involved in the work on the levee and there are hundreds of them.

Captain Kyle Ternes of the North Dakota Highway Patrol says, "the fact of the matter is, is just that we're not used to seeing so many trucks in our area at the same time."

Ternes says the highway patrol has received some calls about the speed the trucks are going.

"We've had some speeding trucks, we've taken enforcement accordingly and issued some citations but by and large we've found that we really haven't had a significant problem with all the trucks," explained Ternes.

And even though the trucks are here to help, they're required to follow all of the same laws they normally would.

Captain Ternes said "there are no exceptions for them, we enforce all of the traffic rules and laws on them just like we would on anybody else."

He said the patrol has also had to enforce weight restrictions on the trucks, but they're doing a good job.

Captain Ternes says "when you think about and you look at all the trucks that are out there moving all that heavy equipment and the fact that we haven't had any significant wrecks involving them, that says a lot about their safety records, so we commend them for doing a good job as well."

And according to www.devilslakeroadreport.com, even more truck traffic will begin Monday morning at the intersection of Highway 2 and 20 in Devils Lake.