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Published September 17, 2010, 08:55 PM

Man Finds Buyer After Putting Coffin Up For Sale

Wednesday night WDAZ received a call about an interesting item up for sale on Gateway Drive: a coffin.

By: Brady Mallory, WDAZ

Wednesday night WDAZ received a call about an interesting item up for sale on Gateway Drive. While it is not unusual to see cars or boats parked on lots, a coffin with a for sale sign turned a few heads.

"I'm not dying..I quit smoking," joked Mark Huebner of why he decided to sell the coffin.

He said since he will need one for a while, Mark Huebner decided to make a little extra cash on this coffin he found during some routine errands.

" I was hauling some scrap metal. I was in the scrap metal yard and found it..so I traded a little good iron for bad iron," said Huebner.

Add a "For Sale, " sign and a parking spot usually reserved for car sales on Gateway Drive in Grand Forks, and you have a most unusual property up for grabs.

"I got a real good response. There were five or six people who wanted to buy it."

One might note the comfortable seating in the coffin might be one selling point. But still, who would buy a coffin? Well, in today's market, there is a buyer for just about everything."

" It'll be a big draw," said Kelly Straub, excited about her new purchase.

Straub said she was ecstatic when her son told her about a coffin for sale. Straub runs a haunted house at her own house in Grand Forks every fall. It has become a big hit every Halloween. Like any good buyer, she did her homework.

"One of my first questions is, 'Where did you get it has it been used?'"

Every year Straub brings out ghouls and goblins to decorate her yard for her neighbors and kids. She said even people from neighboring areas come out for a good scare.

" She's done this since I was little. You don't see any other parent doing it," said Kelly's son, Andrew Straub.

Like any good sale, both the buyer and seller gained something. For Huebner, it was $200. For Straub, it is bragging rights.

" The people down the block..we have a competition each year. He is NOT going to top this," said Straub.

" I thought this would be a good place for the coffin," said Huebner, commenting on the new home for the unused coffin he found.