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Published September 17, 2010, 08:58 PM

Pomeroy, members of UK Parliament visit UND class

Congressman Earl Pomeroy along with two members of parliament from the UK came to the University to talk global politics.

Students in an international politics class at the University of North Dakota had an exciting class today learning from politicians from across the pond.

Congressman Earl Pomeroy along with two members of parliament from the UK came to the University to talk global politics, and students were excited.

Today students at UND got to see politics from a different perspective.

"We were able to have a very good discussion about the future of Europe and the United States, civil liberties, constitutional reform and these are important issues." member of Parliament Thomas Docherty said.

Congressmen Earl Pomeroy along with members of British Parliament David Anderson and Thomas Docherty talked global politics with students as part of the US State Department's Visitor Leadership program.

"It's a special treat to get them to come out to North Dakota to see how we live here, how we do things and for us to learn from them." Congressman Earl Pomeroy said.

Students in the international politics class say it is great to hear about how other political systems work and what others think of our political process.

"I learned a lot of new things that I haven't known before today and it was definitely a new experience especially coming from people who have lived abroad and have a different view than ours." UND student John Chitu said.

And learning about different views is just one of the things Pomeroy says is important about this program.

"These students fully understand the world of the 21st century is pretty small and their role as an American is going to inevitably bring them in contact with, in a very meaningful way, other countries." Pomeroy said.

Today had parliament members and the congressman saying they are excited to see what the future holds.

"I think what was fascinating today and what was very encouraging was the general interest and excitement about an exchange of ideas that we were able to do." Docherty said.

"Their thinking much more globally then I think my generation did and I think it's a sign of the 21st century and a sign our young people are getting ready for the challenges they'll have ahead." Pomeroy said.

Challenges they'll face...with at least a couple new perspectives.