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Published September 20, 2010, 05:36 PM

Large Harvest Bee For Radi Family

A large harvest bee was held near Fisher Monday, as 160 people went to work in support of the Todd Radi Family. Farmer Todd Radi lost his battle with cancer in August. Fellow farmers and friends wanted to do something to help Todd's family cope with the loss.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

Beet trucks and harvesters rolled into the Radi's beet field today just Northeast of Fisher, MN. A show of support and compassion for the family of Todd Radi who was diagnosed with cancer in December of 2008.

"A lot of chemo and some other things everybody has been with him though the whole thing. Lost him August 12. I Know he mentioned to me in the hospital he would like to see the final harvest. Never made it," Dave Radi, Todd's brother, said.

Todd's Brother Dave, who was a partner in running the family farm, says they might have been able to do the beet harvest themselves after their loss, but this will give them more time concentrate on the soybean and corn harvest.

"We have been in one harvest bee before. It's great to help out. He would be so happy to be out here too. He was so overwhelmed with how much everybody supported," Dave Radi said.

This final show of support is one of the biggest harvest bees that has been held in the valley with 120 beet trucks, 24 harvesters and 15 defoliators.

"We just Kind of put machinery where we thought it would work best from there. We just called people. That was it everybody just showed up," Lance Reitmier, a friend of the Radis, said.

So many showed up that MN-DOT closed down a lane of highway 2 in order to safely allow the parade of trucks onto the road. Local businesses even helped out by donating lunch to fuel the 160 farmers who helped out.