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Published September 20, 2010, 09:39 PM

Devils Lake Mayor Reacts to Delayed Report

Devils Lake Mayor Dick Johnson says he's disappointed that the only news from the Devils Lake Task Force was bad news. The Report that was due out Monday, but has been delayed for quite some time.

Johnson says he's thankful for the work the task force has done, but an entire summer has been wasted.

A phone call from North Dakota's Congressional Delegation brought bad news to the Lake Region today.

"It's certainly disappointing that an action plan wasn't developed the time frame laid out," Mayor Dick Johnson said.

The Devils Lake Task Force Report was due out Monday, but has been delayed.

Task force officials say it's because the state just applied for a relaxation of water quality standards below the Baldhill Dam.

Mayor Johnson says he'd feel better if he knew this was it.

"If this was the end of the delays we could probably live with it but we don't know," explained Johnson at Monday's Devils Lake City Commission meeting.

Johnson was told that the report could be delayed as many as 120 days, which is too long for the Lake Region.

"A week or two we could live with, a month we could probably live with but as this stretches out it gets to be more problematic for us," Johnson said.

The forecast for rain and heavy snow this winter isn't the only thing Johnson is worried about.

A change in Congress is also a concern.

"There's a lot of people who aren't involved now who will be involved and if they are involved in a different capacity," said Johnson.

Report or no report, he says something has to be done.

The Devils Lake City Commission will hold a special meeting at noon on Thursday to discuss what the city can do immediately to take water off of the lake.