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Published September 21, 2010, 05:11 PM

Working to Keep Carp Out of Devils Lake

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department is funding a small project in Cavalier county to keep carp in the Pembina River Drainage from entering the Devils Lake Basin.

For the past few years the game and fish department has been working with landowners and water boards to keep carp out of Devils Lake.

Devils Lake is causing roads to flood, homes to be surrounded by water, and farmers to lose their land.

But there is also a possibility for the flooding to allow carp to make their way into the Devils Lake Basin.

North Dakota Game and Fish ANS Coordinator, Lynn Schlueter, says, "Carp are over withering and so now thats moved the problem closer and closer. This will just be a really good barrier to those problems."

Carp enter Devils Lake through high waters on the Pembina River.

So the North Dakota Game and Fish are trying to stop the transfer.

Schlueter said they're "raising an existing prairie trail road. So this will serve as a barrier to keep carp from going from one water shed to the other."

The Game and Fish has begun raising an existing road grade near Loma, North Dakota, in Cavalier County.

Schlueter says this hasn't been a problem before because we haven't had as much rain as this year.

"With the recent wet years, with the changes in some road patterns, that connection is becoming more and more likely a candidate to allow carp to come from North to South," explained Schluetuer

The barrier will stop the fish, but will allow water flow through the area to be enhanced.

Schlueter says "its a benefit to the whole region and that includes not only Devils Lake, but North Dakota, the Midwest. So we want to protect it by doing this and taking these steps."

Also, beginning October 1st, anglers are required to drain water in livewells and baitwells prior to leaving a water body.