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Published September 21, 2010, 07:48 PM

EGF City Council Expresses Support for Statewide Synthetic Marijuana Ban

The East Grand Forks city council voted to express its support to the Minnesota state legislature for a statewide ban on synthetic marijuana.

The East Grand Forks City Council has passed a resolution to support a statewide ban of synthetic marijuana in Minnesota.

The state legislature plans on looking at the issue, which currently allows tobacco shops to sell synthetic marijuana.

Last week the East Grand Forks Police Department urged the council to ban it in the city. The council says a statewide ban would be better.

Also known as SPICE or K2, synthetic marijuana is sold and marketed as an incense.

This blend of herbs is sprayed with a synthetic THC, the active chemical in marijuana.

Right now two tobacco shops in East Grand Forks sell it.

North Dakota banned it earlier this year because of health risks including extreme paranoia.

The East Grand Forks city council thinks Minnesota should do the same.

" Cities in Minnesota have a very limited capacity for controlling, regulating and prosecuting these crimes, especially when they reach the felony level," said City Council member Scott Huizenga.

The council hopes to get a start on sending the letter as soon as possible.