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Published September 22, 2010, 04:11 PM

Grafton City Council Discusses Going Smoke-Free

Another community looking to go smoke-free is seeing resistance from bar owners.

Another community looking to go smoke free is seeing resistance from bar owners. The Grafton City Council talked about a smoking ban in Grafton last Monday and they are going to wait and see what the state does before making a decision.

The smoking bans are not over for the state of North Dakota now that the three largest cities in the state have gone smoke free.

It seems to be only a matter of time before smaller towns in North Dakota go smoke free and the City of Grafton decided it should talk about the possibility.

"I just wanted to see where my constituents felt on the issue and what would come from my community as well," said Grafton Mayor Chris West.

Even though a number of cities around the area are now smoke-free, Grafton bar owners are firm in the hopes of keeping smoking in bars.

"I don't have any argument at all that smoking can cause cancer, I don't believe for one second that second hand smoke has killed anyone ever," said Polly's Bar Owner John Tweten.

Tweten plans on fighting a statewide smoking ban all the way to the state level.

"And yet turn this around on the other end and say trying to make smoking illegal in here, why would you just make cigarettes illegal and solve the problem," said Tweten.

Mayor West says the smoking ban is not off the table but they are waiting to see if the legislature takes any interest in a state-wide smoking ban in January.

"Its going to be a national thing relatively soon, its all around us Minnesota, North Dakota hasn't adopted it yet so its just a matter of time before something does happen," said Mayor West.

Tweten and other bar owners say they have battled a smoking ban for many years now and say it takes away a right that people should have.

"It's just another infringement on another right that we have. This is America the land of the free and let's keep it that way," said Tweten.