WDAZ: Your Home Team

Published September 26, 2010, 07:17 PM

Polk County Man's Collection Shows His Love for the Minnesota Vikings

With the kickoff of Football season, we're reminded how every team has a few die-hard fans, and one man just outside of Crookston Minnesota, wants everyone who passes his house to know which team he has pledged his allegiance

By: Brady Mallory, WDAZ

If you're driving on County Road 44 just outside of Crookston Minnesota, you'll notice you're in Vikings Country.

" It's a Vikings game! Vikings Sunday and we're hoping we win," said Ronnie Trudeau in front of his massive collection of Vikings memorabilia.

Trudeau said he has a lot of faith in his home team, the Minnesota Vikings. Judging by his collection, about $2,000 worth.

" We've been collecting for probably ten years now, been adding every year. I buy, my wife buys, the guys buy, " said Trudeau.

Ticket stubs, trading cards, hats and even a few blow-up dolls as lawn ornaments, every piece of his collection is for one reason.

" We just bleed purple," said Trudeau's brother, Dale Trudeau.

" He is showing loyalty to his team. He has been a Vikings fan as long as I can remember."

A collection this big, it's pretty clear what team he is cheering for, but Trudeau and his friends say every Sunday is about more than just a football game.

" It's to keep the group together. We have our busy ways going one way or another. Sundays we get the family together and enjoy what we all love," said Trudeau's friend and fellow Viking fan, Jeff Sundeen.

Sundeen is proof Trudeau has another collection: his friends and family. Each Sunday he shares his love of the vikings and his big screen TV. His big Vikings collection serves as the perfect setting to have everyone over to watch the game.

" We all just love Minnesota sports and love the Vikings. We're hoping they do well this year," said Dale Trudeau.

Even if the team does no't do well, it will not be enough to shake this group's faith in their team.

" We always have a shot of E & J to toast them and then go from there," said Sundeen about their pre-game ritual.

" We started a little hurt, but I think we're going to come around," said Trudeau about the Vikings' start to the season.