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Published September 29, 2010, 11:38 AM

Finley, ND Man Arrested In Aneta Armed Robbery

31-Year-Old Ronald Gore of Finley, ND was arrested after authorities say he robbed the Whitetail Bar at gunpoint in Aneta Wednesday morning.

Authorities say 31-year-old Ronald Gore of Finley, ND is being held at the Grand Forks County Correctional Center. Gore is charged with armed robbery after authorities say he robbed the Whitetail Bar in Aneta Wednesday morning.

Gore was arrested about 12:30pm in Grand Forks County on a traffic stop 10 miles southwest of Grand Forks.

A 911 call came in that the Whitetail Bar in Aneta had been robbed at gunpoint about 11:00am Wednesday. Authorities located what they believed to be the suspect car about 17 miles East of Northwood on County Road 15. They made a traffic stop on the vehicle, and took Gore into custody.

Nelson County Sheriff Kelly Janke says Gore brandished a gun during the robbery, and that Gore has an extensive criminal record including time in the state penitentiary for burglary. Gore was on probation for previous charges.

Authorities say Gore left the scene with money before he was arrested. But he also left people in the small town shaken.

"I am scared. I'm not only scared for myself, I'm scared for not only the businesses but this whole town, 90 percent of it is elderly people. I worry about them," Aneta resident Terrie Eckart said.

Eckart was working at the nearby Aneta cafe at the time. She says things like this don't usually happen here.

"It shouldn't happen, but it did and it probably is going to continue happening, maybe not here but some place else," Eckart said.

The owner of the Whitetail Bar declined to be interviewed, but Eckart says the town is watching out for him.

"We're there for each other, whether it be good news or bad news. This town is very, very close knit," Eckart said.

Aneta's store and catholic church have been burglarized recently, and after today, people know that worse can happen here.

"I can't say things don't happen, they shouldn't happen and I'm not the only one. We all take things for granted, we take our small town for granted," Eckart said.