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Published October 21, 2009, 05:06 PM

Spring Flooding Possibilities

Even though it might seem like it has been a very wet fall so far... the National Weather Service says we are actually drier than last year.

By: Jessica Dugan, WDAZ

The National weather service is monitoring the amount of precipitation we have had so far this fall to see if the rain could make spring flooding an issue.

Mike Lukes: "Its a concern, but its not a given threat at this time, theres a lot of things that will have to happen between now and spring thaw and spring floods that will have to set up to make it as bad as last year of even in the ball park."

Some of the factors are... How much rain we end up getting before the ground freezes, the amount of snow over the winter and how fast the thaw happens in the spring. The weather service says it looks like this year could be an el Nino year and that's good news for spring flooding.

Mike Lukes: "The tendency when we are having an el Nino is drier and warmer than normal, but that's no guarantee, that just means more cases than not tend towards that way."

The National Weather Service says Grand Forks has recorded almost three inches of rainfall since September, but that is five and a half inches less than what fell in the same time frame last year. Fargo has had almost six inches of precipitation so far this fall compared to the 8 point 6 inches that fell during this time last year.

Mike Lukes: "its a little bit more than normal, but no where near what we experienced last year."

The National Weather Service says while fall precipitation plays a role in spring flooding, its not the only factor and that we will just have to see what happens over the next several months.