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Published October 08, 2010, 06:15 PM

Nelson County Sending Resolution to the Governor

Devils Lake and Ramsey County have written emergency declarations to the governor, but what are other counties doing?

When an inter-agency report about flooding from Washington was delayed, most everyone in the Lake Region knew they needed to take actions into their own hands.

Members of the Nelson County Commission say they weren't surprised when the Devils Lake Task Force Report was delayed.

They knew they had to do something on their own.

The commission is working to do what they can to plan for the winter and for spring run-off.

County Chair Odell Flaagan says any amount of snow will be significant, and he doesn't think much, if anything will get done before the snow falls.

Nelson County has decided to support Devils Lake and Ramsey County in their resolution and they have written their own to be sent to the governor.

Flaagan says he expects other counties in the Devils Lake Basin to follow.

"I think Eddy's is right behind us. I talked to some of the commissioners over there and I think when you come down to support, there should be no problem," Flaagan said.

A nine-county meeting was held on Wednesday in Devils Lake and a straw poll was taken and it was decided that the best place to take water off the lake would be at Stump Lake.

Flaagan says a bill is going to be written discussing the project and will be taken to the legislature in January.