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Published October 12, 2010, 06:41 PM

GF County Sheriff's Race Heats Up

Grand Forks county Sheriff's candidate Mike Flannery took out a full page newspaper ad over the weekend accusing his opponent Bob Rost of questionable job practices.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

Grand Forks County Sheriff Candidate Detective Mike Flannery has called out his opposition, Bob Rost. In a full page article that appeared in the Sunday paper, Flannery took aim at Chief Deputy Major Bob Rost on a number of issues. Flannery accused Rost, who also has a second job as security director for Ralph Engelstad arena, of working on things like scheduling for the arena while on the county clock. Something Rost denies.

"I don't do any Ralph Engelstad Arena anything on county time. I don't do any of it," Grand Forks County Sheriff Bob Rost said.

"I have seen him do that. And a again it's his word against mine. I understand that. I'm going to say what I saw, if he want to put a spin on that," candidate Flannery said.

Flannery also took issue with Rost for getting overtime when he works as security in a Sheriff's uniform at the River Cities Speedway. He says that should be left for the deputies who work hourly.

"This involves a commitment of Friday night. And these guys usually don't get many Fridays off and most of them choose not to work any overtime on Friday night," Rost said.

"(It) upsets me when I see him take overtime. That I know some of the other guys in the department would love to take," Flannery said.

As the election draws near, Rost says he was hoping the sheriff's race would not turn into a negative campaign. Flannery doesn't see his that way.

"I wanted everybody to know what I know and what other people who worked in the building know and that is not negative, the truth is not negative," Flannery said.

"He has just twisted it around, and to expand on it anymore, then I'm doing the things he wanted me to do. And I'm not going to do that," Rost said.