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Published October 15, 2010, 09:52 PM

How Much Would You Pay For A Flu Shot?

With so many places in town to get your flu shot this year, how do you decide where to go to get the best deal?

With so many places in town to get your flu shot this year, how do you decide where to go to get the best deal?

The most inexpensive place I found to get a flu shot is at Walmart and one of the most expensive is someplace you may not expect.

With flu season right around the corner facilities around town are ready to give you your flu shot.

"It's been a busy time of year we've had the vaccine since early on in September which is a little earlier than we usually get it." Altru's clinic nurse manager Tracy Reamy said.

We wondered where you can get your flu shot AND get the best deal. So we did some digging.

Walmart is the cheapest- charging just 24-dollars for the flu shot. CVS pharmacy charges 29.99. You can get a shot in the arm at Grand Forks public health for 35.00. And at Aurora Hospital for 50.00. The highest cost flu shot in town is at Altru Hospital, where a basic flu shot will cost you 63.75. And the prices go up from there-making Altru the most expensive flu shot in town.

"We'll bill your insurance or you can pay by cash if you want to. However that works." Reamy said.

Altru's website says the actual shot you get at one of its clinics only costs 23.75. But then they tack on a 40-dollar administration fee- equalling 63.75. The prices for every place in town is also listed on a sheet put out by the Grand Forks Public Health Department.

"A really nice thing about health insurance right now is that they are providing coverage for flu shots without any co-payments and that's a really great way to keep our population healthy." Grand Forks Public Health RN Debbie Swanson said.

Regardless of what you chose to pay for your flu shot, healthcare workers say it is important people 6 months and older get one. And no matter where you get it, you can submit it to insurance.

"I think the important thing to keep in mind is there are many options available

in the community and there should be an option for everybody. So everyone should be eligible to get a flu shot someplace regardless of their income." Swanson said.

At places like Walmart and Altru you do not have to make an appointment to get the shot, CVS Pharmacy asks you to call ahead.