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Published October 18, 2010, 04:49 PM

6-Month-Old EGF Baby Making Miraculous Recovery

A six-month-old East Grand Forks baby, hospitalized at Sanford in Fargo is one of those miracle stories that come around not often enough.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAZ

When Tim and Michelle French of East Grand Forks came to pick up their baby boy, Ryker, at daycare a week ago, he was found lifeless.

No heart beat. He was gray and not breathing. No one is sure what happened, but one thing is known. Little Ryker fooled everyone.

It is amazing to watch Tim and Michelle French talking with their little boy today. Unbelievable may be a better word, considering the couple was making funeral plans for Ryker just days ago.

No one knows what happened to Ryker at his East Grand Forks daycare, but when the couple came to pick him up, he was dead. No one knows how long he had been without a heart beat or oxygen.

CPR was started. It took a half hour. Survival seemed out of reach, but Ryker responded. Once at Sanford, the odds still seemed so out of reach.

But slowly, the little 6-month-old began to turn the corner. Breathing on his own and moving around.

Now begins intense rehab. There are many unknowns. What needs to be re-learned? Simple things like swallowing, walking and talking.

Those who specialize in treating children with this kind of trauma say Ryker’s turnaround is rare.

The fact Ryker went so long without oxygen and a heartbeat still concerns physicians. It is clear the 6-month-old will need significant re-hab as his recovery continues. They say the fact Ryker moved from critical-intensive care to his own room so quickly is amazing.

“Kids are amazing and tougher than we give them credit for and I think most of us think they are fragile, but they are physiologically they are stronger than older folks are,” Dr. Alan Paschall of Sanford Health said.

While no foul play is suspected, there is an investigation into what happened to Ryker at his daycare on October 8th.

A benefit account has been set up for Ryker at all Bremer Banks.