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Published October 22, 2009, 04:23 PM

Rash of Car Thefts Hits Crookston

Some people in Crookston are double checking their locks after four cars have been stolen in the town in just two weeks.

By: Steve Bodakowski, WDAZ

Four cars have been stolen in Crookston over the past two weeks. That's more than a typical year.

Now some people there are thinking twice before they leave their car doors unlocked.

A string of Crookston car thefts is driving people to lock up.

Delilah Meyer: "I'll keep locking my doors."

Bruce Nelson: "I always lock my doors when I get out of my car."

Four cars have been stolen in the last two weeks. It started on October 7th, when police found a stolen truck crashed into a car. Just last weekend three more cars were stolen. One stolen by two teenagers ended up in a police chase in Grand Forks. The last car was found last night in Crookston.

Tim Motherway: "Its very unusual, sometimes we go close to a year with no auto thefts in Crookston and to have a rash like this is very unusual."

Police say all four cars that were stolen had their doors unlocked and the engine was running, and therefore all could have been prevented.

Brian Waxler: "Anyone who leaves their car running is quite dumb and deserves to have it stolen."

Police say people need to make sure there cars are locked at all times. And if you leave it running , have another set of keys to open the door with. They say some people still forget.

Bruce Nelson: "This morning for example I ran into a business and was going to leave my car running and thought no better not."

Police are asking you to call them if you seen anything you think may be a crime in progress. All the cars have been recovered, and at this point police say they think its an isolated incident and will not be a trend.