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Published October 22, 2009, 05:28 PM

American Crystal Sugar is Among Top Polluters

American Crystal Sugar is on a list of Minnesota's top 10 chemical polluters compiled by the environmental group Environment Minnesota.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

According to a report American Crystal in East Grand Forks dumped thousands of pounds of chemicals in to the river in 2007. Enough for them to make the top ten.

According to a report from the environmental Group Environment Minnesota American Crystal in East Grand Forks dumped 8-thousand pounds of chemicals in to the Red River in 2007. That was enough to put them at the number 10 spot of chemical polluters in the state compiled by the group Environment Minnesota. The group was not specific what those chemicals where.. they did name some.

Samantha Chanwick: "A lot of nitrates, mercury, lead. Especially get to people if fishing, the eco-system, move up the food chain.

The private non-profit group uses numbers from the U-S environmental Protection Agency to make the list. 2007 is the latest data. Its does not say if American Crystal went over the amount of chemicals allowed in their permit.

Samantha Chadwick: "This is not an analysis of weather or not they exceeded there permit, under the clean water act. There is a lot of legal dumping occurs."

Environment Minnesota says they would like to see companies like a American Crystal to voluntarily cut back on what is directly dumped into the river.

Samantha Chadwick: "For the Red River, It's 6th on the list of water ways in Minnesota that has the most dumping so that American Crystal is not the only facility dumping. Others add up to make it the sixth."

Environment Minnesota says the East Grand plant dumped 8,000 pounds of chemicals into the river. And that is far less than the number one spot... the 3M Company which dumped just over 1 million pounds into the Mississippi River.