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Published October 21, 2010, 05:47 PM

Old Crary, ND School Being Called a Health Hazard

The Crary School building has been empty for years. After being sold several times, it's now being turned over to Ramsey County.

The Crary School hasn't housed any students for many years and is now boarded up to keep out trespassers.

It has had previous owners, but due to complications it's recently been turned over to Ramsey County.

The electricity has been turned off and water now fills the gym floor.

Ramsey County has considered tearing the school down, but the cost and health hazards are slowing the process down.

"There's also some hazardous materials and the health department we're going to have to deal with as far as the old building materials, it's going to be a tough situation to remedy," Sheriff Steve Nelson said.

The County is going to ask for state assistance on the demolition cost.

Sheriff Nelson says the building is a health hazard and it's important that people say out of it.