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Published October 22, 2010, 05:18 PM

North Dakota's 2nd Largest Bridge Opens At Drayton

Today was a big day for those traveling in the Drayton area.

Today was a big day for those traveling in the Drayton area. They will be less affected by spring flooding with the opening of a new 31 million dollar bridge.

For many home owners and businesses in the Drayton area, today's ribbon cutting is like a dream come true in the Spring.

This ribbon cutting is a day to remember for those in the Drayton area. The Drayton-Robin Bridge is now open and hopefully all year round.

"Its been real crucial that we get this road back and have it open this new road will benefit the entire area from local travel to our local businessmen and commercially for American Crystal and Marvin Windows and access to our churches and emergency services," said Drayton Mayor Ardis Olson.

The old bridge was built in 1954 and has had to close 342 days since then because of flooding. For those living and working on each side of the river it was a major detour.

"About 80 miles one way" said Larry Ritzo who lives near the bridge.

And for Businesses in the area its cost them business.

"When you shut this main artery off you know we lose a lot of business here you take a third of our business away comes from Minnesota its very important to us," said Ron Corrick of Helm enterprises.

The new bridge is 4,090 feet long. North Dakota and Minnesota shared the 31 million dollar price tag. For those living in the area....

"I think the word has been thank god. a lot of happy people because there are a lot of people affected locally you know," said Ritzo.

Officials say the bridge has come in under budget and hope they will never have to close the Drayton-Robin Bridge ever again.