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Published October 23, 2010, 03:51 PM

Earl Pomeroy Urging People To Vote

With election day just around the corner, many people are taking advantage of early voting.

Health care is the driving force behind one Grand Forks man casting his vote.

With election day just around the corner, many people like Todd Chrzanowski are taking advantage of early voting.

"I'm a cancer survivor, getting insurance is very difficult for me," voter Chrzanowski said.

Which is one reason Chrzanowski says it's important to have his voice heard during this election.

"Someone like me, not affiliated with the campaign but just feeling really passionate about this election, I think it's important."

Chrzanowski and more than 100 people came together to meet with Democratic incumbent Earl Pomeroy, most taking advantage of early voting.

"There comes a time where basically the campaign is in the voters' hands and now with early voting that's not just one day, it's several days," Congressman Earl Pomeroy said.

In the race against Republican challenger Rick Berg, Pomeroy says you need to stay focused on what's important.

"There've been different polls showing different numbers. I reckon the race is about tied and so we'll work as hard as we can. As a candidate I think it's good to imagine you're five votes behind to find those last five that'll put you over the top," Pomeroy said.

No matter which party you're affiliated with, voters say it's good to know the issues and get out there and vote during this last week.

"If you don't go vote, you maybe will lose the right to complain about what happens when you don't vote. I think North Dakota is unique in that we have a very good sense of civic pride here," Chrzanowski said.

Voting is one way Chrzanowski can make sure issues like health care are addressed.

In Grand Forks County, early voting is being held on the 6th floor of the County Office Building.