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Published October 28, 2010, 03:05 PM

GF Man Pinned Between Vehicles Returns From Hospital

Michael Hart, 37, had to have his leg amputated after he was pinned between vehicles in a crash in Grand Forks October 17th.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

A Grand Forks man has returned home from twin cities hospital after losing his leg in an accident.

On October 17th Michael Hart was hit by a suspected drunk driver on Demers Avenue and south 30th Street in in Grand Forks.

As a result of the accident one of Hart's legs had to be amputated.

Hart says he has just started to deal with the loss his leg. He knows there will be challenges and those have already started.

Thursday was Hart's first full day home since the accident.

On October 17th Hart stopped to pick up his child's highchair that fell out of the back of his truck.

While he was in the road,suspected drunk driver Karen Vatnsdal slammed into his truck, pinning him to the trailer hitch and crushing his left leg.

Hart was air-lifted to Hennepin County Medical Center where doctors tried to save his leg. Hart says he plans on suing for damages, but has forgiven the drunk driver.

"I already have forgiven them, why am I going to hold a grudge when there is nothing they can do to bring my leg back. What is done is done and I just have to accept that. I have a son to raise and a life to live," Hart said.

52-year-old Karen Vatnsdal of Grand Forks faces charges of aggravated assault in the accident. Aggravated assault is a Class B Felony which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.