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Published February 27, 2011, 08:56 AM

Pets could be at risk as more coyotes are being seen in populated areas

Detroit Lakes, Minn. (WDAY TV) - A string of Coyote sightings, even attacks, has people wondering why more of the animals are closer to communities. Reporter Dylan Wohlenhaus talked with a Detroit Lakes man, lucky to have his dog after an attack. A warning: This video is graphic.

Jeff Adkins, owner of Adkins equipment on the outskirts of Detroit Lakes says he has never seen a Coyote walk through his lot until one day he heard his dog Sadie behind the building yelping in pain.

Jeff Adkins: "I ran around the building and I seen the coyotes on top of her."

The 3-year old lab needed dozens of stitches after 3-coyotes tore in to her skin back in September. Two weeks ago these photos taken by a South Fargo woman from her backyard of a coyote killing a deer.

Ed Schmidt: "They're pretty resilient and pretty resourceful. They'll do whatever it takes to get it."

Experts say this winter has been tough on wild animals especially coyotes, pushing them closer to more populated areas to find food.

Ed Schmidt: "So they're probably trying to move in closer, trying to get in to these smaller dogs and pets and stuff. It’s on their menu.”

The coyote population seems to be increasing because more food is available and coyotes are the biggest natural predators in our area. Still, it’s nothing we need to be afraid of.

Ed Schmidt: "A human doesn’t need to be afraid of a coyote, but Fido does."

You will be happy to know Sadie has made a full recovery and Jeff Adkins says she has plenty of life left to live. Coyotes can be hunted year round.