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Published November 02, 2010, 06:07 PM

Fort Totten Exercising Voting Right

A lot of conflict has been centered around this year's election in Benson County, but Fort Totten residents are trying to be positive when they cast their ballots.

The Spirit Lake Tribe fought hard to keep a polling site on the reservation and today they exercised their right to vote.

When members of the tribe found out a polling site would be available in Fort Totten, they knew they needed a good showing.

Melissa Merrick headed the "Get Out the Vote" campaign on the Spirit Lake Reservation.

10 drivers drove around Benson County, picking up people who did not have a ride to a polling place, whether it be in Fort Totten or Warwick.

Merrick did the work on a volunteer basis because she felt its important for voting to be available to everyone.

"This is our right to vote and we want to exercise our right and we don't want our rights taken away from us so we're going to do what we can to exercise our vote," explains Merrick.

Merrick says they did have some problems yesterday.

Someone had placed signs on doors that said the only polling site would be Minnewauken.

The signs are being kept as evidence.