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Published November 02, 2010, 06:54 PM

After Grim Prognosis, EGF Baby Ryker Leaves the Hospital

It's a day one couple thought would never come: Bringing their 6-month-old son home from the hospital. Ryker French was found lifeless at his day care in East Grand Forks in early October, life-flighted to Fargo and a number of doctors gave the infant a grim prognosis.

By: Stephanie Goetz, WDAZ

Tim and Michelle have experienced a range of emotions. From plans to donate Ryker's organs and making funeral arrangements, to today's big decision: Contemplating a bigger car seat.

Ryker's "Tough Guy" T-shirt may be the definition of this miraculous little man's life.

"We're going home, but we've got a long road ahead of us," Ryker's mom Michelle said.

"I'm nervous. I think every parent, when they have a child, they look towards the future of what they hope their child will become one day and due to this little interruption, there's so many unknowns now," father Tim said.

A cheerful goodbye, but one uncertainty: Ryker's vision. Doctor's have classified him as "Cortically Blind": He occasionally responds to flashes of light, but didn't pass the doctor's vision test. Still the French's are optimistic

"He could have impaired vision, but as of right now, I'm still not convinced that he's blind he can see some things," Tim said.

So many unknowns as these three go home to join their 2-year-old daughter, but they have an unwavering mindset.

"We have a choice to either be there and supportive and optimistic and making sure that he's got the best care and best chance at having a quality life or we can fold our cards and just give up. And that's not the kind of family we are," Tim said.

The family still does not know what happened at the daycare that day. They tell me they're not sure if they will take any action to find out more. Right now, they say they just want to get home and continue the remarkable recovery.