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Published October 24, 2009, 08:55 PM

Breast Conference in Grand Forks

More than 90 people attended the first annual breast cancer conference and community event today... which reached out to anyone looking for more information about the disease.

By: Victor Meza, WDAZ

The Hilton Garden Inn of Grand Forks was filled with pink today as women and men came together for The first annual Breast Cancer Awareness Conference and community event today.

Nancy Klatt: "It is the most common cancer that effects women so there are a lot of interest in breast cancer. We have about 35 breast cancer survivors who have signed up for the conference but also nurses and other community members who are interested in learning about breast cancer."

Angela O'Leary: "I'm at the end of my journey so i will be doing reconstruction surgery at the end of the year, just want to learn more about the methods and network with a lot of the survivors here today."

Angela O'Leary has survived breast cancer... and says whether or not people have had it... conferences like this bring people closer together.

Angela O'Leary: "I think it's important because this has become a part of my life and i think that to talk with women whether they are a survivor or not its good to share your stories and learn form others, i think you still have things to learn about."

Women weren't the only ones learning about breast cancer today. Men also learned about early detection and how to become a better supporter.

Angela O'Leary: "They said today that one percent of the men get breast cancer, I think its very important that they learn about this and their role in being supportive to their spouse."

The conference had information tables from local cancer agencies like Altru and U-N-D Cancer Research. Another conference is planned for next October.