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Published October 25, 2009, 10:22 PM

Veterans Memorial Garden Dedicated

Eagle Scouts dedicated a garden in Thief River Falls to area veterans this afternoon.

By: Joel Porter, WDAZ

Three eagle scouts have transformed a street corner in Thief River Falls as part of their final project.

Today they dedicated a new garden with a special ceremony.

The planning for the new veterans garden actually started about three years ago.

Even though it's a relatively small space, the project took the scouts many hours of fundraising, working with the city and careful planning.

Three years ago city leaders decided they wanted to transform a vacant lot at the corner of 3rd street and Davis Ave, one of the busiest corners in Thief River Falls, into something more appealing.

Jerry Brown/ TRF Maintenance Dept: The city wanted to clean up the property on the east side of the depot here so we called in the master gardener, to design us a garden.

And with the help of three eagle scouts, they started planning for a veterans park. They even had an 8,000 dollar fundraiser..

Bill Lewis/ TRF Eagle Scout: They all really thought it was going to be a good project and I think they're all impressed with what we've done here.

But after 113 donations, 8 thousand dollars became 16 thousand, enough to cover the landscaping, a second statue and granite benches.

Grant Spears/ TRF Eagle Scout: With all the money we were able to raise, we were able to add on more and more things to it.

Today, the scouts dedicated the park, with help from several area veterans.

Jerry Brown/ TRF Maintenance Dept: Being a vet, it's something that I guess the older you get, the more you'll appreciate being a vet.

Isaac Carlson/ TRF Eagle Scout: That we can honor them and thank them for what they've done.

The Veterans Memorial Garden is now open for all veterans enjoy. But the scouts say there's still some work to be done. This WWII statue has a broken gun barrel, and the scouts say they're working with a local gunsmith to fix it.

Jerry Brown/ TRF Maintenance Dept: Everything that we got out there, we got from people wanting to help, and giving us a break on the price or we would've needed more to get that far.

With the project nearly complete, the scouts say they hope this busy street corner garden will serve as a place of solace and remembrance for all veterans.

Jerry Brown/ TRF Maintenance Dept: Maybe we can add something else down the road.

The memorial garden was designed and landscaped using flowers that will bloom throughout the summer.

Next fall the flowers will bloom blue and gold, to coincide with the high school colors once classes start.