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Published November 04, 2010, 06:27 PM

New Faces Could Mean Changes for Devils Lake Flooding

With new North Dakota faces headed to Washington, some are calling it a new beginning. So what does it mean for projects that were started by Byron Dorgan and Earl Pomeroy?

Devils Lake Mayor Dick Johnson says he's confident Rick Berg will pick up where Earl Pomeroy left off.

Johnson says the city of Devils Lake and Ramsey County are thankful for the work that both Dorgan and Pomeroy have done in the past.

Many projects have been started by the duo, but Governor John Hoeven has also headed many of the new projects.

Johnson says Congressman-Elect Berg will have to more than likely be brought up to speed with a few things, but he doesn't feel like they have to start over.

"Sure, there's going to be some changes, but we've had good support from Congressmen Pomeroy and I suspect we're going to get that same type of support from Congressmen-Elect Berg," explained Johnson.

He says the message will remain the same, water still needs to come off the lake and he feels everyone is committed to that.