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Published March 27, 2011, 09:26 AM

Defensive driving course focuses on keeping young drivers safe

Grand Forks, ND (WDAZ TV) - Some young drivers are learning the rules of the road. The North Dakota Safety Council is hosting Alive At 25 to try to help prevent crashes.

By: Lezlie Johnson, WDAZ

14-year-old Jack Goodman has his learner's permit and is ready to get his driver's license. One reason he's here…

JACK GOODMAN - Taking Class for Pointers: “My parents wanted me to take it so I'm a better driver.”

Alive At 25 is a defensive driving course aimed at 14 to 25-year olds. Statistics show people in that age group are most likely to be involved in a fatal car crash. Goodman's parents want him to stay safe.

Jack: “My mom gets nervous, I don't know, she doesn't think I'm a very good driver. She likes to be in control of the wheel.”

The course teaches about roadway safety, hazards on the road and defensive driving. Although some are ordered by a judge to take this course, others take it for the insurance benefits or just the education.

DETECTIVE TRAVIS JACOBSON - Grand Forks Police Department: “If they have points on their driver’s license, they get a reduction in points. 3 points come back off their license, which is good for insurance purposes too, so a lot of them come here because they want to be here.”

17-year-old Abbey Middleton signed up herself for the 4 hour course.

ABBEY MIDDLETON - Taking Course: “It was actually kind of my idea to lower my insurance and stuff.”

Although Middleton has her driver's license, she wants to learn more defensive driving skills.

Abbey: “I think it'll help to know how to drive and know how to react to intense situations.”

Whether drivers want to be in the class or not, organizers hope every person signed up will learn more about staying safe on the road. Alive At 25 is held three to four times a year in Grand Forks.