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Published November 12, 2010, 06:21 PM

Ron Nord Supporters Petition For A Recall Vote

The process to recall Walsh County Sheriff Lauren Wild and put his seat up for election again is underway.

The process to recall Walsh County Sheriff Lauren Wild and put his seat up for election again is underway.

"I did what I felt I had to do," said Wild.

The day after the election, newly re-elected Walsh County Sheriff Lauren Wild fired Deputy Ron Nord, who ran against Wild for the sheriff's seat. Wild said Nord spread lies during the campaign.

Some people in the area don't believe the accusation.

"He has never talked ill about anybody his whole campaign I have known him and he never talked ill about Lauren Wild and the accusations that he said," said Jennie Swartz, recall petition chair.

Swartz is a long time friend of former Deputy Ron Nord and has started a petition process to recall Wild as Sheriff and bring the Sheriff's seat to a special election.

"People who have voted for Wild said if given the chance to do so again said that they would vote otherwise so if we do a recall petition and have a special election that will give them a chance to revote," said Swartz.

Wild tells a different story. He says that during the campaign, Nord made comments about his health and his desire to run for higher office in the next election. Wild say that after this term as sheriff, he will retire. Wild said that he fired Nord because he could no longer trust him.

"You have to have faith and you have to have confidence of the people who are going in the door behind you. You can not take the chance of having someone behind or in front of you that is upset with you or another member of the team," said Wild.

But people are upset at Wild's actions. A Facebook group supporting a special election already has almost 300 members. Once approved by the state, they will need 1,236 petition signatures to put the Sheriff's position on the ballot for a second time.

"He has done a wonderful job in the past years as sheriff. He has never given me anything else to think other wise. We voted for him in the past but you know its just what he did immediately following the election," said Karla Mclaughlin, petition committee member.

The state should let the group know next week if the petition request is approved.