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Published October 27, 2009, 03:04 PM

North Dakota Flour Mill Company Expanding

A flour mill company in Harvey is continuing to grow. Earth Harvest Mills just finished an 11-million dollar expansion.

By: Renee Chmiel, WDAZ

A flour mill company in Harvey is continuing to grow. Earth Harvest Mills, which does business as Dakota Prairie Organic Flour, just finished an 11 million dollar expansion. The company has added both space and equipment. Right now it has more than 20 employees right now, but plans to add 10 more in the next year.

The hum of machines at Earth Harvest Mills will only get louder, as the plant adds 4 more mills. It's also grown in size over it's five year history from about 4 thousand square feet to 44 thousand square feet.

Kelly Lamonda: "It's going to increase my responsibilities as far as maintaining all the equipment and ensuring that the raw product gets finished."

Grayson Hoberg: "One of the other mills went live about a month ago and we've got a fourth mill that goes live in about six weeks here."

The plant has already doubled its sales for next year. It got a 7.4 million dollar loan from the USDA, as well as help from local banks.

Kelly Lamonda: "It's a great economical impact to the city of Harvey."

The plant plans to increase its production capacity from 23 million pounds per year to 185 million. And with customers around the world, it needed to expand.

Mills, trucks, and facility space aren't the only things the plant has added.

Grayson Hoberg: "As part of the expansion we added a rail spur and a rail scale for receiving grains and shipping out flour."

One of the company's founders will soon be going to to Dubai to meet with the prince about doing business there.