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Published June 06, 2011, 08:38 AM

Woman at the center of shooting talks about frightening moments outside the theater

Dilworth, Minn. (WDAY TV) - A Dilworth woman talks tonight about the frightening moments outside the West Acres Cinema, when her ex-boyfriend allegedly opened fire on her ex-husband.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

44-year old Felipe Estrada of Dilworth faces attempted murder charges in connection with the Sunday afternoon shooting in the parking lot of the movie theater. He will be charged in Cass County District Court tomorrow. Two people were injured in that shooting.

42-year old Juan Carlos Garza of Fargo was shot multiple times. Witnesses say he suffered injuries to his stomach area, when the gunman allegedly shot several rounds at Garza.

LT. Joel Vettel - Fargo Police Chief: “It was an extremely dangerous situation and that danger was certainly elevated because of the location. When you have a large gathering, like a theater near a mall, you have a concern when a firearm is used and with multiple shots.”

One woman is at the center of all this. DeShawn Stodola says her ex-boyfriend and ex-husband have been feuding for sometime. DeShawn Stodola says she was simply getting a ride to work, when life changed in just seconds and she describes what happened in the movie parking lot when gunfire erupted.

“I am just a little shook up.”

DeShawn Stodola says she still cannot believe what happened. She and her ex-husband Juan Garza were driving in Fargo, when suddenly her ex-boyfriend Felipe Estrada began allegedly tailing them, harassing them, until it spilled into gunfire outside Cinema 14. She says Garza has serious gunshot wounds to his midsection. She says she feared for her life.

DeSHAWN STODOLA - Witnessed Shooting: “I was running trying not to get hit by bullets. I was not sure if he was shooting at me too. “

And talk of a love triangle?

DeSHAWN STODOLA - Witnessed Shooting: “It was not a love triangle at all, just a feud between my ex-boyfriend and ex-husband.”

Highway 10 is all that separated Stodala and Estrada. Both lived in Dilworth mobile home parks. Estrada's neighbors say he was a hard worker and paid his rent.

ED LOSINSKI - Neighbor to Estrada: “He was a nice person. The grand kids, they all had kids, they played together. Never had a bit of trouble with the guy.”

Family of Garza is asking no condition be released. He remains at Essentia tonight.