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Published November 19, 2010, 08:11 PM

911 Dispatch Center Construction On Schedule

The Grand Forks Police Department is going to be getting some much needed space along with some new technology.

A new 911 dispatch center is in the works in Grand Forks and will help law enforcement in more ways than one.

The department is going to be getting some much needed space along with some new technology.

With each nail.

"We're very cramped." Grand Forks 911 Director Becky Ault said.

A department gets bigger.

"We have our walls in place, we have our roof in place. We should be fully enclosed by Thanksgiving." Ault said.

Officials say the Grand Forks County emergency dispatch center has needed more space since 1994. Now the wait is about over...

"What started out as a 3-position center is now a 4-position center." Ault said.

With a cramped 450 square feet which will now expand to 4,800 feet. Including new office space, equipment and technology.

"We're going to have increased efficiencies, our staff will have much better technology to meet their needs. We're also putting in what we refer to as a monopole tower which will increase our radio coverage." Ault said.

Improving communication for responders and helping keep the community safe.

"We don't have video stream technology, we don't have e-mail and text messaging and all those kinds of things. So we will be building our capacity to meet the needs of the public." Ault said.

The 2-point-1 million dollar project started in August and will give the department room for expansion.

"Our goal is to provide the best level of service to our responders and to the public and this addition is going to help us meet those goals." Ault said.

The new addition is on schedule and should be finished by June of next year.