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Published November 20, 2010, 09:17 PM

A Dinner Brings New Americans Closer Together

A man from Bhutan is adapting to life in America after moving to Grand Forks.

A man from Bhutan is adapting to life in America after moving here 2 years ago.

A Thanksgiving dinner brings him closer to people in his new home, Grand Forks.

Moving to a different country can be a challenge.

"I came to America in September of 2008." Shiv Adhikari said.

New foods, customs and holidays like Thanksgiving to get used to.

"It's not that easy, in the beginning we had the cultural shock." Adhikari said.

This is the first year the church has held the event not only teaching New Americans a little more about American culture, but learning a little bit more about there's.

The Welcome Dinner at St. Mark's Lutheran Church is a chance for people like Shiv Ahdikari to share their stories.

"The language is one of the main problems with us. We might speak english but it's very different for the people here to understand what you are speaking due to accents." Adhikari said.

Although the language barrier can be difficult at times...this is a place for people to learn a little more about their neighbors and themselves.

"The people who have grown up here their whole life are kind of needing some encouragement to begin to talk. But to listen to the buzz in the room and listen to the walls breaking down and connections being made." St. Mark's Pastor Paul Trenne said.

Helping new comers.

"Very new for us to be in America." Adhikari said.

adapt to a new country .

"It's welcoming them, helping them move from being foreigners in our midst, to neighbors and hopefully friends." Trenne said.

The church hopes to do this each year with the growing number of New Americans in Grand Forks.